I have made the payment, so when do I receive the tips?

After your payment has been processed and confirmed, you will receive an email from our admin support team. This email will contain you first tip.

Can I pay using Western Union or Moneygram?

We apologise that at this moment, we only accept payments by credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and limited bank transfers only. Due to the complications of processing payments via agents in other countries, we cannot accept such payment modes. However, we will continue to expand our payment options regularly, in order to be able to serve more members in new countries.

Can I request trial tips before I join your service?

We would love to offer free trial tips to any genuine visitors, who wishes to try out our service before joining. However, due to numerous cases of abuse, we have decided to stop all request for free trial tips. We regret any inconveniences caused.

How many tips do you have per match day?

Our group of tipsters only select the best tip per match day, in order to maximize your bet returns. We insist on the highest quality tips from our tipsters, so that our members can enjoy the very best tips and winning margins, in the long term.

Do you have any discounts or special deal for new members?

In order to be fair to all members (we treat all members equally), the price stated on our website applies to all members, regardless of existing members or new members. By doing so, every single one of our members would feel being treated equally and fairly, in a consistent winning environment.

Can I buy tips on a weekly or daily basis?

We would love to accommodate short term members, however due to tight pricings we paid to our tipsters, we need to maintain a certain level of revenues, in order to continue serving our members regularly. Therefore, we are unable to offer any weekly or daily tips prices.

Have other questions not answered yet?

We are always ready to serve, feel free to contact our admin support team here .